Facilitating the transition to online member-democracy


party members The PvdA (Dutch Labour Party) has about 50.000 members, active in 12 regions and more than 400 local branches. The PvdA is currently a government party.

The PvdA called on the Socioneers to facilitate a transition to ‘online member-democracy’. By introducing party-wide online participation and decision-making, members now have a bigger say in the decisions and policy-proposals of the party.

We developed various online platforms for the PvdA and organized a series of pilots. We made use of open source tools such as yrpri.org , democracyos.org and mymadison.io .

The pilots were crucial in determining the specific needs of the users (party-members) and to find the right (online) processes that strengthened the existing procedures and practices. Also, it allowed us to customize the platforms to the goals of the PvdA.

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