If you have a project that relates to digital technology and empowerment and want to discuss how Socioneers collective can bring it to fruition, contact us:


Raoul Kramer is the managing director of Socioneers. He is a social designer, researcher and concept developer with experience implementing design solutions and introducing innovation within a wide variety of contexts and cultures.

Simon Deurloo focuses on practical usability and technical infrastructure. He combines front-end and data technology for the best user experience, using the internet to spread knowledge, wealth and power.

Aik Kramer is a lawyer, mediator and author, working for various municipalities and the Dutch government. He facilitates decision making and conflict resolution processes.

Klaas van der Molen has extensive experience in designing and creating websites and digital applications. He focuses on practical usability and technical infrastructure.

Moniek Driesse is a research-based designer specialised in how public space is used. Through her design, curating, publishing and lectures, she catalyzes dialogue on political, social and cultural issues in diverse contexts.

Kiffin Gish is full stack developer with management experience specializing in advanced software development for the web. Building complex web-based applications and platforms is what inspires him.

Michael Nieuwenweg is back-end developer who is not affright for challenges and is solution driven. With his server management skills he is able to rake up useful data to drive app innovation further.

Ima Nahumury is an advisor in the field of intercultural communication. She has expertise in project management and human rights.