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wkwWilskracht Werkt is a local organization based in Rotterdam working on providing neighbourhood support in the domain of welfare and care to those in need of help by linking them up with volunteers.


De Rotterdamse Stichting Wilskracht Werkt is een maatschappelijk initiatief, dat samen met bewoners ondersteuning in de buurt organiseert. Wilskracht Werkt fungeert als een koppeling tussen mensen die iets kunnen en mensen die iets nodig hebben. Dit gebeurt door gericht vrijwilligerswerk, kleinschalig georganiseerd op het gebied van welzijn en zorg.


In samenwerking met het Centre for Innovation, de Nationale DenkTank en het Stanford Peace Innovation Lab we develloped a prototype app of the BuurtBuddy [Neighbourhood Buddy]  to link (potential) volunteers to those who are in need of (additional) support, care and/or contact. The aim is to bring those requesting help and volunteers within a local context through digital means.

The Socioneers worked on the development of user stories for and interface design of the initial prototype.

The initial concept for the BuurtBuddy has emerged as part of the Nationale Denktank – a diverse network of young talents focussing on societal challenges and innovative solutions (this year’s thematic focus is Big Data). An initial concept note, with further background information, has been provided in the attachment to this mail.

Wilskracht Werkt (case study and implementation partner)
Wilskracht Werkt is a local organization working on providing neighbourhood support to those in need of help by linking them up with volunteers. Furthermore, it constitutes the prime implementation and funding partner of our implementation sprint. Their work and projects provide our initial case study and the baseline for this project.

One of the projects of Wilskracht Werkt constitutes the “Buurtbuddie”. This project aims to link up those in need of support with volunteers within Rotterdam. Momentarily, Wiilskracht Wert works on expanding this project and tries to foresee whether digital means could help in this endeavour. Please find in the attachment a background paper on the Buurtbuddie (in Dutch).